Windy City Call Center
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The goal of the Windy City Call Center is to provide a premier level of quality education leads for our higher learning institutions through our education consulting team. This team calls on people who requested information online regarding continuing their education.  We work to help these people find the college degree program that is right for them.

How does the program work?

  • Prospective students request information on furthering their education.
  • Our education consultants will call to confirm contact information and help them find the program and degree they are interested in earning.
  • If a school is a match to their interests it will be presented as an option to the prospective student.  If the prospective student would like more information, our customer service representative will ask them additional questions and complete the lead form for them online.
  • The person’s information is then sent to the school’s admissions team and that school will follow up with more information.

How are we different from other call centers?

First, we serve more as a customer service center than your typical education call center.  We want everyone we talk with to have a great experience and understand the available options for continuing their education. 

Second, because we only call on people who have opted-in with our website partners, our school partners can be sure that the lead is not shared with other call centers. Our unique high quality data source translates directly into a quality lead for our schools.