You must be at least 18 years of age and be either a US citizen or permanent resident in order to be hired.
We have both part time and full time positions available however we ask that you commit to at least 20 hours per week on a set schedule. You may create a schedule for up to 40 hours per week if you would like a full time position. The onsite representative position in our Arlington Heights, IL call center is a full time, 40 hours/week position.
Our reps start out at the competitive rate of $9 per hour. After completion of 90 days, reps will be eligible for a pay increase contingent upon satisfactory performance. Reps receive another performance review six months after that, and then are eligible for annual performance reviews thereafter, which might lead to additional increases in compensation. Our in house center located in Arlington Heights, IL has a higher starting rate to help cover the costs of the commute.
Please refer to the Job Openings section for the list of states in which we currently employ.
The work from home call center is open from 9am – 8pm CST, Monday-Saturday and from 11am - 7pm CST on Sundays. Our onsite call center in Arlington Heights, IL is open from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday; no weekends.
Yes, once your schedule has been established, you will be expected to work the same schedule every week and show up for all of your shifts in full. Our onsite Arlington Heights, IL call center runs only has one shift that runs from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
Up to 5 days paid time off (depending on scheduled hours) and 15 non-paid time off, 5 of which are for sick days.
To contact us about employment opportunities please click here to apply.
Our recruiting and selection process entails successfully passing system (computer and internet) requirements, additional assessment tests, phone and/or in-office interviews, professional reference checks and criminal background checks.
Definitely not! It is free to apply. Please click here to apply.

Absolutely not! Be wary of any at-home work opportunities that require you to pay money up front. This position is a legitimate job opportunity for an established company.
If hired, you will receive a W-2 and be an employee of Windy City Call Center.
Working at Windy City comes with many great benefits like a flexible schedule, no commute and a lot of opportunities for advancement. We offer heath care to our employees as well as a 401K plan.
When at all possible, Windy City tries to promote from within. After 90 days employees are given a pay increase depending on performance. After another six months of employment, all employees are eligible for a performance review and they receive another review every year after that. There are many other positions available within the company including QA specialists, Managers and HR positions. Whenever an opening is available, all current employees are notified and encouraged to apply.

If hired, you will use your own personal computer to make calls. All that is required of you is to download the software onto your computer, log in, and you’re ready to go!

System Requirements:

  • Minimum Workstation Requirements: (Assumes the Virtual Call Center is the only application running on the agent workstation.)
  • You must have a hard wired (not wireless) internet connection from a top carrier (i.e. RCA, Comcast, ATT etc) for the VOIP (phone system) to work well.
  • Processor: 2.0 ghz or greater.
  • Memory: 4 GB or greater.
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or higher.
  • Java Runtime Environment (Latest Version).
  • Screen Resolution: 1024x768 or higher.
  • Some optional features require Microsoft Office 2003 or later.
  • Supported Web Browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox (Latest versions).

Our in house location in Arlington Heights, IL provides employees with a computer and basic office supplies needed. Not to mention a really fun and energetic environment! Virtual representatives use their own computers.

No! Our company uses VoIP technology for all calls. You simply log into the dialer interface and all calls are routed through your computer. This does not tie up your phone line and there is no call cost for you. All you need is a headset to get started.
Yes! All training for this position is paid at the normal hourly rate.
You will be placing outbound calls and taking inbound calls from people who are interested in going back to school. You will help match them to the schools and programs that are best suited for them. All calls are made using an automatic dialer which places the calls using VoIP technology through your home computer.
All call center reps are paid by the hour for every hour worked actively taking calls. There are performance metrics you will be expected to meet but your compensation does not depend on how many calls you make in an hour.
Not at all. We have a variety of different campaigns and none of them are focused on high pressure sales tactics.
Contact us today and we will answer any additional questions you may have