Start your lead generation program with great sources, call center lead verification, and actionable reporting.

Lead Generation

How does the program work?

  • We will work with you to identify prospects and build a media plan to determine the right people to call.
  • Our representatives will call to confirm interest as well as contact information and ask qualifying questions unique to your business to make sure every lead is valid and ready to speak with a member of your team.
  • If the person is a right match for your business, we can warm transfer or send the lead to you in real time or through a variety of different transfer methods.

How are the leads sent?

We offer a host of flexible options to get you the qualified leads. We can accommodate any type of transfer or packaging.

  • Warm Transfers
  • Custom API’s
  • XML
  • Batch File
  • FTP or Email

How are we different from other call centers?

First, we serve more as a customer service center than your typical call center.  We want everyone we talk with to have a great experience and understand your value proposition.  Our representatives’ quality scores average above 97%. They are trained to build rapport and qualify leads so you don’t waste time talking to people that are not a good fit.

Second, we are a results driven company. Our clients provide us direct feedback on inquiries that we send them. We use that feedback to provide the best leads possible and adjust our programs as needed. We analyze the call data and feedback from your company to make sure you are getting the best results.