What Our Employees Are Saying About Us…

Heather T

"Thank you, Windy City Call Center! I really enjoy working here, because it is a great company and I get the huge benefits of working from home and having flexibility in my schedule. I love my job, because we are a complimentary service and I get to help people. My husband and I have two precious daughters and with being a stay at home mom this job is perfect and such a blessing. Windy City Call Center is by far the most professional and structured company that I have ever worked for. The management and training are exceptional. It is exciting and motivating that there is opportunity to work your way up the ladder at WCCC. There is a positive, friendly, and supportive atmosphere throughout this company. I have been working here for almost three years, and it has been the best experience. I am so happy working for WCCC, and I hope to stay with this company for a very long time. I am grateful to the owners and management of Windy City Call Center, and I am thrilled to be a part of their team!" – Heather T.

Holly Y.

"I have been working for Windy City for about a year and a half. I have an older special needs child and this job gives me the opportunity to be at home with him more. Managers are very flexible in working with you and will help you in whatever way they can. If I am ever struggling or just need a pick me up that day I know I can reach out to my QA or my Manager and they are there always with positive words and encouragement. Thank You to all of them for all you do for us!!!!” – Holly Y.

Julio A.

"Windy City Call Center has truly been one of my personal greatest work experiences. I feel a sense of pride to work for a place that treats me as an equal member. I feel the virtual office environment is the most comfortable and productive of all. Everyone works as a team and the support is always there when needed. I enjoy the professional diversity of the people I work with and the friendly cooperative feeling that is shown by employees to one another. The company gatherings, which I always enjoy, are also a great way to meet and see each other. I am a current employee at the Windy City Call Center. I am certainly very proud of the kind of services this organization offers. I wish it continues to grow. Without a doubt, I would recommend anyone to work for this company." – Julio A.

Payel D.

"Windy City Call Center is a great place to work! Each team member brings their own qualities and personalities to the table, which helps the company grow and excel together. Windy City Call Center offers the best of both worlds; work from the comfort of your own home or enjoy the wonderful office environment! Windy City Call Center is a place where hard work and dedication to your work does not go unrecognized" – Payel D.