Focus on qualified prospects. We will qualify each inquiry and warm transfer them to you.

Call Verification

What is Call Verification?

Our clients utilize our seasoned representatives to make outbound calls on their behalf to qualify the inquiries they receive from any number of sources. We call verify these leads and transfer the interested prospects to your center.   We can also handle inbound calls for you as well. 

Qualify – Our team will call your leads within seconds to qualify them based on a custom script with qualifying questions tailored to your business.

Convert – We will then warm transfer or send the lead in real time for your team to close the sale. Many of our clients have experienced that warm transfer leads convert at some of the highest rates in the industry.

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Why should you have your leads call verified?

  1. Your representatives can spend time closing new sales rather than qualifying new prospects.
  2. Call verified leads have high intent and convert at higher rates than almost all other leads.
  3. Save money by not having your team focus on leads that may never convert. Let us qualify and find the right people for your team to speak with about your business.

Can I have a custom script and qualifying questions that are unique to my business?

Absolutely. We work with you directly to develop a script that makes sense for your program.  Our expert script writers will assist you in coming up with the best script to match the program goals and ensure quality leads.   We will also work with you to make sure there are custom questions in place that further qualify the lead and make sure each prospect is a great new opportunity for your company.  Exact questions will be determined in collaboration with your marketing team once we are ready to proceed with the initial campaign.

What type of tracking is available?

We would provide you feedback on the calls made, the dispositions, number of attempts, contact rates, transfer rates, and other key information by each of your marketing or traffic sources.  This way you can optimize your marketing campaigns to bring in more people that are truly interested in your products and services.  Conversely, the reporting will also point to some vendors that might not be good sources of leads or those that need some optimization.

How do you manage and prevent compliance issues?

We are fully compliant when it comes to federal and state calling rules, TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) and Do-Not-Call laws.  We partner with and are set up to make sure all of your phone marketing efforts are compliant.  You will be able to use us as a resource and partner in understanding all of the legal complexities that come with outbound and inbound calls.   The laws changed dramatically in October 2013 so it is important that you partner with a provider that is fully compliant.  We will work with you to make sure all of your forms have “Written Consent” as well as provide you with a technology solution to screen capture all of the opt-ins so that we can save them for the legally required five year period.  As part of being a responsible partner, we have TCPA insurance along with our standard Errors and Omissions insurance.  It is important that your partner in this project has insurance for TCPA.

How do I integrate the program and send you inquiries to call?

We developed a product called Lead Retriever which will make it very easy for you to integrate with us for the call verified leads.  There are over 15,000 leads delivered into our system each day.   Lead Retriever will integrate with your systems to capture all records as they come into your system in real time or near real time.  We will then contact the prospects immediately.  This is critical as contact, transfer and ultimately, conversion rates are all impacted by the speed it takes to connect with the inquiry. 

Lead Retriever also provides data validation services to ensure that you get the most accurate contact information possible. Lead Retriever verifies:

  • Phone Number – receive only standardized and valid phone numbers to ensure that you will be able to contact every one of your leads.
  • Address – our system verifies that the street address is USPS Delivery Point Verified.
  • Bad Language – filter out bad language that signifies a poor lead.
  • Email Address Authentication – our system verifies the email account to make sure you receive only valid email addresses.
  • Lead de-duping – new leads are bounced against the database to check for duplicates and are rejected if a prospect is already in the system. These leads will still be contacted.
  • TCPA compliance – Lead Retriever is integrated with Trusted Form, a leading technology solution for call center compliance.
  • Lead Scoring – Lead Retriever is fully integrated with Neustar (Targus) and eBureau lead scoring solutions.